-How can I help?

Click on the “Donation Now!” button and financially support hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are waiting for our help right now. We direct funds to targeted assistance to residents of affected cities in cooperation with local authorities, so we know exactly where and what assistance is needed.
We accept donations via PayPal, eBay, Facebook, and other platforms.

-How is my donation protected?

We are not just a separate group of volunteers, we are a whole team formed on the basis of large international companies operating in Ukraine and having a certain reputation.

-Where can I view reports on your activities?

You can view our activities in the news block or on the Facebook page of the Association.

-What happens to donations in the event of a ceasefire?

In the case of a ceasefire, donations will continue to be used to support Ukrainians in need by delivering humanitarian and first aid and helping rebuild the country.